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Get an Inside Look at The Office! A Musical Parody on Broadway Profiles

May 1st, 2021 | By Lindsey Sullivan

On the latest episode of Broadway Profiles with Tamsen Fadal, fans can get an inside look at the first musical production restarting performances in New York City: The Office! A Musical Parody. Written by Tobly and Bob McSmith, and inspired by the hit comedy series, The Office! A Musical Parody highlights a typical day at Scranton’s third-largest paper company, Dunder Mifflin. The show paused performances due to COVID-19 last year, and correspondent Charlie Cooper headed to the Jerry Orbach Theater to chat with the show’s creators, cast and the newest member of the company, Bradley Bemboom, the COVID-safety compliance officer. “I promise not to be too mean,” he joked. “But I need to make sure everyone is wearing a mask. We have hand sanitizers added throughout the entire theater, both backstage and onstage.”

Creator Tobly McSmith added, “We’re taking all the steps. We feel safe doing this. Our actors feel safe. We’re taking all the precautions. We want people to come when they’re ready.” Watch the video below, and head here to check your local listings for Broadway Profiles.

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