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Sutton Foster & Her ‘Frida’ Pop Some Pills in Younger: Episode 3

April 7th, 2015 | By Ryan McPhee

Sutton Foster and company are back in an all new episode of Younger! When we left off, Liza—having passed herself off as a 26-year-old—booked an assistant gig at the publishing firm and had a mouthgasm while on a date with hot tattoo artist Josh (among other things). In tonight’s episode, we met a new character. Her name is Frida. Frida is Liza’s vagina. Here’s what Liza and her Frida were up to.


Liza & Her Frida Receive an Examination
After penciling in Josh for a sexy time date, Liza disrobes for Maggie, who’s more than ready to inspect her naked body. Maggie is the lesbian artist best friend we all wish we had. She calls Liza out on her self-deprecating insanity. She compliments her lady garden’s newly trimmed landing strip. She offers her Xanax when she’s nervous about sex.

Liza & Her Frida Make a Match
It’s all hands on deck at the publishing firm. Kelsey Peters is trying to sign Anton Bjornberg (Thorbjørn Harr), a suave Swedish author. Back at HQ, Trout enlists Liza as her online dating coach. Despite their flirty messages, Trout’s hot Columbia professor date is actually just a gay kid who wanted to see her purse in person. Wait, he disguised himself as someone he’s not to get a chance he wouldn’t otherwise have? Who would do that? Oh, wait. Oops.

Liza & Her Frida Go Home With Josh 
When two girls approach Josh and proposition him for a night of, erm, tattooing, back at his studio, the inked-up artist insists that he only has eyes for Liza. It's upsetting, because at this point, he’s the least necessary. Although her boss insists that singledom at their age is a “tundra,” what proof do we have that that's the case for Liza? Highlights and forced cultural references aren't going to elevate her already solid charm and wit. Nevertheless, Josh whispers that he’s going to work on her “hot little” something. We can only assume he whispered “Frida.”

Liza & Her Frida Take a Xanax
It’s been two years since Liza’s Frida has gotten some Picasso. After one of what we hope to be many shirtless Josh scenes, Liza heads to the bathroom to take half a Xanax. Or a full dose. Who’s counting? Cut to her writhing on the floor while listening to Squeeze’s “Tempted” on vinyl. Because Josh is an old soul, maybe? Which makes them a perfect match. Boom. Dramatic irony.

Liza & Her Frida Get a Pep Talk
After accidentally roofie-ing herself, Liza returns to her New Jersey home to sell off the furniture that remains after ending things with her former-husband. Everything sucks. No action from Josh and his Picasso. A crappy offer for all of her now-meaningless possessions. The silver lining? Yet Another brilliant pep talk from Maggie. This one’s a little more direct, though. Maggie gets straight to the point—Liza’s Frida.

Bonus: Statement Jewelry of the Week!
Diana Trout is rocking some seriously bling in the series. So each week, we're going to highlight our favorite statement jewelry pieces from her collection. The inaugural submission? The gilded donuts. Cronuts, eat your flaky, buttery heart out.


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